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Labor and Delivery

Your pregnancy is almost over! By this time, you're probably very happy about that, but you may also be a little nervous about what happens next. That's natural. You're going to go through an experience you may have heard described in different ways from friends and family. Some experiences you heard described may have sounded a little scary.
The best advice I can give you—the same advice I give my patients—is to relax. No one knows what's going to happen during labor and delivery; even medical professionals are sometimes surprised by what occurs. But if you open yourself up to the experience, it may be wonderful.
The end result of your pregnancy, and labor and delivery, is the birth of your baby. You are also important in this event—we want you to be happy and healthy, too. Work with your healthcare team to make labor and delivery a positive experience. Learn what you need to know to be prepared, the medications you might be offered and any other concerns you may have. Before you know it, you'll be holding the baby you've been waiting for.
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