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Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy is an important time to pay attention to your health. One way you and your doctor will keep an eye on you is to perform various tests during your pregnancy. Some tests tell your doctor about your health. Other tests tell the doctor certain things about your baby.
Most tests are routine—every pregnant woman has them. A few tests are done if your doctor thinks he or she could learn more about your health or your baby's health from them.
Your first test will probably be a pregnancy test. You can do this yourself at home, or take care of it in your doctor's office. Home pregnancy test kits are very accurate.
Once you know you're pregnant, a lot of tests will be done at your first or second visit with your doctor. These tests tell your doctor how healthy you are at this time and whether he or she needs to caution you about things to avoid or to watch out for. Some tests are repeated during pregnancy, if necessary.
Because tests during pregnancy are important, cooperate with your doctor about having them. Keep your appointments for tests, and always check with your doctor's office about test results.
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