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Preparing for the Birth

Like any pregnant woman, you must decide who will be with you when you labor and deliver, and who will be on hand to help afterward. The only special plan I can think of is to decide how you will get to the hospital. One woman decided to have a friend drive her, but couldn't reach her in time. Her next option (all planned in advance) was to call a taxi, which got her to the hospital with time to spare.
Ask a good friend, a relative or someone else who is close to you to be with you during labor. Not all women have their partner as their labor coach. I've found that often a woman who has already given birth using the same method is an excellent labor coach. She will understand your discomfort and be able to identify with your experience.

Reactions in the Hospital

I've been asked if nurses in the hospital will treat a single woman differently than a married woman giving birth. In all my experiences in medical school, during my residency and in my practice, the nurses I have dealt with have been complete professionals. Their job is to provide the best care they possibly can. They pride themselves in taking care of their patients. I have never known any of them to treat any person differently for any reason.
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