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Involving Your Partner

Getting pregnant and having a baby involves both of you. Talk together about the decision to get pregnant, your health and your partner's health. Do this before you try to get pregnant.
During the pregnancy, your partner can be an important source of support. It's probably good to involve him as much as he is willing to be involved. Make him feel he's a part of what's going on.

How to Help Your Pregnant Partner

Men, you can be a great help to your pregnant partner! Here are some ideas patients have told me helped them a lot.
Keep stress to a minimum.
Communicate about everything.
Be patient and supportive.
Promote good nutrition.
Encourage exercise.
Help around the house when possible, and do the more strenuous chores.
Attend prenatal checkups when possible.
Plan for the baby's arrival.
Learn about the birth process.

If He Is Not as Enthusiastic about the Pregnancy

Not every expectant father is as excited about the impending birth as the mother-to-be is. A woman is directly involved in the pregnancy because she is carrying the baby. Her partner is less involved, so she may have to adjust her expectations somewhat. If this sounds like your situation, you may need to take an active role in encouraging your partner to become more involved, such as asking him to accompany you to a prenatal visit. Discuss with him his feelings about the pregnancy. He may have fears and uncertainties he hasn't told you. Be open and direct with each other about your feelings—it will help both of you.
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