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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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12 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Your uterus has grown in width for approximately 3, 94 inches. Since it gets very tight in the pelvis area, it moves up to the abdominal cavity. Taking advantage of the ultrasound examination by the sizes of the fetus, the doctor can precisely determine your time of birth.
You have probably noticed that your heart is beating several more times a minute to manage the rising blood circulation.
Train yourself to stand up straight – it will help you at later periods of pregnancy.
Breasts have swollen and become achy.
The size of the hip still remains the same.
The bottom of the uterus is exactly above the pubic bone.

New sensations

Morning discomfort and nausea will pass away and you should feel relief. Desires to urinate become less often compared to the beginning of the pregnancy. Excitability and irritability caused by hormonal changes in the body might remain longer.
There is a possibility of constipations because intestines slow down their work during pregnancy.
The work of lungs, kidneys and heart becomes intensive due to growing blood circulation in the body.
What to do:
Buy a bra that provides a firm support to your breasts.
Diversify your diet with fresh products.
Avoid constipation – drink more water and use high fiber products in your food.
Visit a dentist for a check up.
Inform your employer about your pregnancy.
Pay a visit to the women’ counseling for first time prenatal check up.
Consult with a doctor about breastfeeding.
Regularly do your prenatal exercises.
Go swimming in a pool.
Sign up for future moms’ courses or other pregnancy courses.
Find out about other similar courses in your neighborhood.

Your baby.

The fetus is growing rapidly, within the last three weeks he has doubled in size and his face is taking human features. Though all bases of an organism are already incorporated, there are some final strokes. Rudiments of nails continue to develop on the fingers and on the toes. The muscular system is sufficiently developed, but movements are still involuntary; impulses are sent to the spinal cord as the brain is not developed enough. The intestines do not come into the abdominal cavity of the uterus. If you have got a boy, the female reproductive organs give place to the male reproductive systems.
The fetus looks more like a person now although the head is still disproportionately large in comparison to the body, and formed endings are too small. You notice that unpleasant sensations of the first few weeks of pregnancy gradually go away. It is time to pay a visit to female consultation center if you have not done so earlier.
The kid grows. From time to time you can him sucking his thumb. During wakefulness the kid vigorously trains his muscles: turns his head, bends fingers on hands and legs and opens and closes his mouth. If he gets distracted by sharp sounds from outside he tries to close ears with hands because he can hear and tries to block his eyes from light rays. When touched with a palm he curves himself like a ball. All these movements are carried out because the fetus has developed the vestibular device which helps to guide him in the internal space.

The baby grows

Internal organs are formed, many are functioning already, and therefore the fetus is less susceptible to infections and medication effects.
Eye lids are formed and they can shut the eyes now.
Earlobes have emerges also.
Fingers have fully been formed.
Nails grow on the fingers.
With the help of Doppler, you can hear the baby’s heart beats, which is so pleasant.
Fetus moves more because his muscles are developing. He can flex his fingers to make a fist.
Facial and mouth muscles are working, the baby moves his lips, opens and closes his eyes.
He can absorb and swallow fluids that surround him. He also can urinate.
Earflaps are clearly distinct.
Fingers and toes have already been formed.

Fetus length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum approximately 3,5433 inches.
Weight - about 0,5291 ounces.

Gaining weight

First three months
If it wasn’t because of the nausea, you could have gained 2,65 lbs, which makes 10% of all weight expected to be gained by the end of pregnancy. The optimal weight gain by the 12th week is 4,41 lbs.
Pregnancy Calendar
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