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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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5 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

First suspicion about your pregnancy since you have not had menstruation occurs 2-3 week after the conception. However, the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) can have other reasons too, so do an express test at home or at a gynecologist. Your doctor will work out your pregnancy knowing the beginning of the most recent menstruation. The signs of pregnancy remain the same as the previous week. Some women might have headaches due to rise in hormones. There are also some others who don’t experience any signs or symptoms of pregnancy at all; they go through the first trimester without nausea, vomiting simply without toxicosis. Do not panic if you are delaying and don’t have any signs of pregnancy.
Pregnancy usually breaks down to three periods, called trimesters. First trimester lasts until the 13th week, during which the embryo continuously develops. During this particular period the risk for birth miscarriage is great. Second trimester lasts between the 14-27th weeks and third trimester runs from 28th to 40th week.

Your baby

There is a certain logic in cell division. It is already possible to see where the legs, the head, the back and the stomach are going to be. The spinal cord along with so-called nervous tube is visible. These are prototypes of a backbone and a spinal cord. We see, how, extending up, the nervous tube is flattened out; this is where front part of the brain is going to be. There is a patch of tissue in the center of the embryo and that is where the heart will be. Gradually blood vessels will be forming too.
You can already tell where the embryo will have its head and legs by now. Embryo is bent like the letter C. There are segments of tissue along the neural tube called somites which eventually turn to muscle tissue as well as to other tissue structures. Two layers of membranes protect the embryo. A bubble looking formation is called the yellow sack and that’s where the embryo’s blood cells are developed.
Important news – the heart starts to beat this week! It’s interesting that a lot happens so fast. Tranvaginal ultrasound shows approximately 90% of the fertilized egg and the yellow body. Now it is possible to differentiate the baby’s head from his little tail. By the end of the week the folic acid that you take facilitates the development of the neural bends and connections. Your baby is an embryo now! The average length of an embryo is about 0.0984 inches long.
Pregnancy Calendar
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