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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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37 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

During this week or a little later, if it is not your first pregnancy, signs of birth will appear. It means that, head of the baby (in case of head birth or cephalic presentation) drops down to the pelvis area. You can feel some relief, since pressure to the internal organs weakens. Eating and breathing gets easier. But now the uterus with even greater force presses against the urinary bladder and therefore the need to empty it becomes more frequent. By the way, bear in mind that baby as before continues to grow fast and by the 40th week, his legs hit against diaphragm or into the rib cage.
Remember and enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy. Particularly remember every movement, and every motion of your baby. Believe it or not, but you will miss them after the birth.

Your baby

Now he is fully developed and ready to come out into the world. True, it does not yet mean that, he will stop growing and developing. Adipopexia or fat deposition continues to accumulate at a rate of 0,4938 ounces a day, and the formation of the myelin layer in some of the brain’s neurons are just starting (they keep forming after birth). If it’s your first pregnancy, most likely you are getting to the end of the period, but if you have already given birth before, and also in case of twin pregnancy this birth or delivery will occur earlier. The average period for carrying twins is exactly 37 weeks. Make sure your car tank has been filled with gas and let your husband be ready.

Signs of labor:

When the fetus moves down to the pelvis area, it pushes into the muscles, joints and nerves. This causes unusual sensations and shooting pains in the perinea region and legs.

Baby length and weight:

Length from crown to sacrum – around 1.5748 feet.
Weight – approximately 6 lbs.

Sleeping positions during pregnancy

Many pregnant women complain of restless sleeps. Most often it is due to uncomfortable positions. From the fifth month, when the belly size grows reasonably large and bulky; it prevents a pregnant woman to sleep in her favorite and regular positions.
It simply needs getting used to. And it could be worth to sacrifice a couple of sleepless nights to find a new and optimal position to sleep. If you are used to sleep on your stomach, like it or not you will have to teach yourself: due to growing stomach you will feel like lying on a watermelon. Sleeping on your back is more comfortable, but this kind of position may become the cause of backaches, aggravation of hemorrhoids, difficulty of breathing, blood circulation and even lowers blood pressure. In fact for the one sleeping on her back, all the weight of the uterus gets situated on her spinal cord, intestines, and inferior vena cava, a major vein that is in charge of returning blood from lower body to the heart. You shouldn’t be worried though. The best position for the mother and her future baby is on her left side. With that for more comfort, you may put your legs on each other or place a pillow between them. Doing so, not only improves blood circulation to the placenta and baby, it even improves the function of kidneys, which help reduce the swelling in legs and hands.
If suddenly in the middle of the night, you wake up on your back or on your stomach; turn to your left side. And fall asleep with certainty, that this position is good for your and for your baby.
Pregnancy Calendar
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