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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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6 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Pregnancy for many women is associated with malaise and nausea. But you might not feel any discomfort during the first few weeks of pregnancy. You’ll be feeling like as if you are about to have your menstruation. For example, your breasts might swell and ache a bit. The reason of it is the strengthened work of mammary glands. You also can become irritable or get tired more often without the any reason. This is all due to high level of a hormone called progesterone. So you should give yourself additional rest during earlier periods of pregnancy. The areolas or circles around the nipples may darken even more.
Avoid cleaning after the cat if you got one, in order to prevent the risk of getting toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can cause genetic defects to the baby, but do not be scared about it ahead of the time because majority of women who have cats have probably at one time or another gotten ill of toxoplasmosis but only thought it was the flu. So do not get rid of your favorite pet, just in case ask someone else to clean after them.
Due to rise in hormone level, feeling of nausea can grow stronger. Even though this sickness is called the morning nausea, it could happen at any time of this week, previous week or the following week also.

Your baby

The fetus’ nervous tube has already been covered by tissue and the brain starts to take shape at the end of it. On two sides of the future face there are two tiny cup-shaped forms containing a tiny pigmented disk each. These are visual bubbles that are destined to be the baby's eyes, a rather complex organ.
The heart is a tiny tube at this stage, but it already starts to beat and continue to beat all his life, hopefully for a long one. There are already small rudiments which will take the form of hands and legs. But the tail hasn’t fallen out yet, you can't help it.
The rudiments of brain and ends develop. The head already takes a familiar outlines; little eyes and ears appear. The fetus’ elementary internal organs like liver, lungs and others are formed:
The embryo floats in the liquid filled bubble.
Brain, backbone and central nervous systems appear.
Four hollow holes on the head will the baby’s eyes and ears.
Digestive system, mouth and the jaw are in the intermediate stage.
Rudiments of the liver, the pancreas, lungs and the stomach are visible.
Breast cage starts to develop.
Liver starts to produce blood cells and the brain controls the muscle movements and heart work.
Throat and inner ear starts to form.
Placenta starts to develop but it does not produce hormones approximately until the 12th week.
The heart looks like a bulge in the breast cage. It will start to beat by the end of this period.
The system of blood vessels form.
Four tiny rudiments of ends have formed.

Baby length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum approximately 0,2362 inches.
Volume of amniotic fluids approximately 2-3 ml.
Pregnancy Calendar
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