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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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34 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Braxton Hicks become more regular. These contraction-like and painful sensations which appear at the top part of the uterus move downwards then finally calm down. Many women are afraid, that these strong and regular sensations during a certain period of pregnancy are already real contractions, but such incidents happen very seldom and as a rule stop. You could worry only when waters come out. And call the doctor immediately

Your baby

Hair on the baby’s head has become denser, though, most likely, its color still is not what it might appear at a more "mature" age. At the time when the baby’s lanugo has almost fallen off the firstborn oiling, however becomes even more plentiful
Baby’s adrenal glands produce a steroid hormone, the androgen like substance in charge of stimulating lactation as much as ten times more than adults. And sizes of the baby’s adrenal glands are as big as the adults’. However, they will noticeably decrease after birth. And in the meantime your baby continues to take calcium away from you to build up bone tissue. If the baby is born now, he would be considered as a prematurely born infant rather than a miscarried one. The difference lies on the general maturity of the fetus and the pulmonary tissue. Prematurely born babies breathe independently and would not require any intensive care. Doctors can always inspect lungs by puncturing the fetus bubble and checking the level of surfactant. But only when the probability of premature birth is significant, they will appoint corresponding procedures.
It’s getting tighter for the baby in the uterus since he can’t turn over any more and more often rests with head down. His lungs are completely generated and in case of premature birth he can start breathing on his own. However the fatty layer under the skin is not that developed and therefore it’s hard for the baby to keep the body heat.

Baby length and weight

Length and weight - approximately 16.54 inches.
Weight - about 70.5 oz.
Pregnancy Calendar
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