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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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38 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Before the real contractions will begin, you might experience false ones. They should not be confused those with Braxton Hicks contractions, but false contractions can be as strong as the real contractions but they disappear when you start moving in a room. How to make a difference? If you are not sure that give going to deliver then you won’t give birth. You may have tingling sensations in legs, in the vagina area and cervix as if the electric current passes through you. It happens because the baby with his head down in the pelvis gets caught into the nerve endings going through there.

Your baby

During the latest week, the baby has accumulated a lot of bio-waste in his intestines. This blackish green substance refers to mekonium and consists of the broken blood cells, dead cells from the intestinal canal and as well as peels from skin cells, lanugo hairs swallowed together along with amniotic fluids and other components. Mekonium is the first-born feces that the child pushes out after birth, or sometimes he does it long before being born; and then comes out to the world covered with a slimy green stuff. If you have got a boy to be born then his testicles have probably already moved to the scrotum. In any way, it should take place by the time of the birth. Even though, one percent of boys and ten percent of premature boys have retained or undescended testis. This deficiency can become the reason for male infertility or testicular cancer and therefore it’s suggested to have doctors check up your boy’s testicles as soon as he is born.
The baby adds about 0.9877 ounces of weight a day. Your weight has most likely stopped to grow any more.
Usually by the 38th week the baby’s head drops down to the small pelvis. The baby is already ready for an individual life and is counting days till birth. The births taking place on the 38-40 weeks of pregnancy are considered timely. A baby is usually born with weight of 7.7 lbs or more and height of approximately 19-20 inches. Hardly been born, he produces the first cry as if greets the world around. The baby breathes individually, his heart beats and he actively moves hands and legs. Happy birthday, kid.


You may deliver any day now. Only five percent of mothers go past further than this period. The first birth stage will have energetic contraction stretching uterine cervix for the baby to get into birth canal. The second stage consists of baby’s exit through the vagina and his emergence to the world. The third stage includes separation of the baby’s place.

Baby length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum - approximately 19.69 inches.
Weight – approximately 6.4 lbs.
Pregnancy Calendar
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