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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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32 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

This week the growing stomach will deliver to you many efforts. By this time the child has already turned his head downwards, and his legs have rested under ribcage. It can cause pains in the if the child will unsuccessfully be pushed. Therefore, try to sit as straight as possible.
Your internal organs have been displaced a little, but it should not bother you much. The real problem could be the delay of liquids in the body that leads to swollen veins, anklebones and fingers. Remove all your rings if they have started to press, and do not wear any tight fitting clothes. Keep eating food supplements that are rich with vitamins and minerals; the baby really needs now.
You need to have more rest now. Try to find time to lie down during the days; you are tired from this heavy load and from expectations and everything that is connected with pregnancy. It is time for you to take maternity welfare courses for future mothers. Keep going to these courses up to the end of pregnancy. The child already is completely generated. Cub cutis or baby fat is accumulating and he will soon become a lovely and chubby baby.
Possible soreness under the ribcage due to pressure from the
The dark line going across the stomach becomes noticeable
The belly button gradually stretches and flattens out

New sensations

The baby grows and presses against your internal organs that cause shortness of breath and accelerated urination.
Possibility of urination problems.
Sleeping becomes troublesome and you can not get a good sleep.
The navel has become flat and even has come out; it’ll go away after birth.
With the approaching birth, the pelvic floor widens and causes more discomfort.

What to do

Rest at least for 1-2 hours a day. Keep your legs in horizontal position.
If you can’t sleep well, do some relaxation exercises prior to going to bed; try to sleep on the side putting a pillow between your legs. Sleep disturbance is a normal occurrence during pregnancy and it should not scare you.
Continue doing your pelvic exercises; they are especially important if you have frequent urination needs.
Visit courses for future mothers.
Take a blood test to check whether you have anemia or problems with Rhesus blood factor.

Your baby

At last stages of pregnancy, the baby perfectly hears everything that occurs around him. He knows your heartbeats, digestive sounds and even the sound of blood current going through the umbilical cord. But among of all the sounds heard, the baby recognized the mothers voice; therefore, as soon as he is born he trusts by your voice. Movements of your child has reached its maximum this week. From now on they will be changes in quantity and quality. Do not forget to watch his activity. Since last month, your child has put on weight mainly because of fat and muscle tissue. Babies, who are born this week, will most likely have problems with sucking nipples. This also concerns children who weigh less than 3.3 lbs at birth. Good and active suction is a sign of neuro-muscular maturity.

Baby grows

As more baby fat is accumulated, his hands and legs become chubby. There is a bookmark of immune system: the kid starts to receive antibodies from mother and intensively to form antibodies which will protect it in the first months of a life. The volume of the amniotic fluids surrounding the child amounts to one liter. Every three hours it is completely replaced and therefore the baby is always floating in a clean fluid that he sometimes swallows without any serious consequences.
There is a little more weight left for the baby to gain.
The face becomes smoother while pimples disappear.
He can already distinguish the light and dark.
It might have gotten tight in the uterus which made the baby to turn head down for the preparation for birth.

Baby length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum - approximately 15.75 inches.
Weight - approximately 3.7 lbs.

Weight gain

by the 32nd week of pregnancy
Even though the baby keeps growing, your weight will be increasing slower. If you easily gain weight then you can reduce the intake of carbohydrates and milk. The optimal weight gain by the 32nd week: 24.25 lbs.
Pregnancy Calendar
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