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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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15 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

You are probably are very tight in your trousers and skirt, so think about getting some special clothes. Maternity clothes with wide and comfortable fit would be ideal for you. If you accurately feel the stomach, you could sense that the top edge of the uterus is situated approximately 2.95 inches below the navel area. If date of birth is not specified yet, your doctor can do that with the help of ultrasound. The second trimester is the most fertile period of pregnancy. The toxicoses of the first trimester are ahead of you. Hurry up to finish your things. Time is at your side until the 27th week, when you start feeling helpless and clumsy. Your heart will increase its activity to supply the child with oxygen. You could now go screen for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test.

Your baby

Through the baby’s transparent thin skin a myriad of circulatory blood vessels are visible. Hair continues to grow on the head and eyebrows keep getting thicker. If the baby is destined to be a dark-haired, his hair follicles will start to develop a special pigment. The child becomes really mobile and flexible. Hands bent in elbows and wrists, and he is able of clenching palms into fists. The baby’s skeleton and bone marrows keep forming.
Through a transparent thin skin on the forehead it is possible to make out the smallest network of blood vessels. Formerly, the blood production was done by vitteline sac that has dried out and now this function has been transferred to the baby’s bone marrow.

Fetus length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum - 4 inches.
Weight - approximately 2.4692 oz.
Pregnancy Calendar
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