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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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25 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Your uterus now has increased to the size of a football, it already pushes against the diaphragm, the hypochondriac region and disturbs the stomach. All these factors together with the influence of progesterone that slows down the work of the stomach lead to the rise of digestive juice from time to time through the esophagus causing heartburn, especially after a large meal.
You still feel good during this period. Now you will be seeing your doctor more often than before.

Your baby

You can hear the baby’s heartbeats for several weeks now. Doctors can hear it well with the help of a stethoscope or a special tube. But it is possible to hear the heartbeats without any special devices; for example if your husband puts his ear to your stomach in a quiet room.
The baby’s sex is finally established. The boy’s testicles start to descend to the scrotum when the girl’s vagina takes shape.
His fingers now have the dexterity to be pressed in fists. His preference one of the hands now makes the distinction between a future right-handed and a left-handed person. The very same unique pattern that is well-known as fingerprints in dactyloscopy is taking shape. By now the baby has established a special mode for sleeping and wakefulness. He lets you know when he is awake by kicking and pushing, especially during those hours when you really want to rest or sleep.
The child becomes more and more dexterous and can already grab his own leg. He has probably already decided for himself whether he will be a right-handed person or a left-handed one. The growth of the bones continues.

Fetus length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum - approximately 12 inches.
Weight - approximately 25 ounces.
Pregnancy Calendar
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