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Pregnancy Calendar

Our Pregnancy Calendar will help you find out how your baby grows and changes from a small group of cells to a fully developed baby ready to begin life.
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26 Weeks Pregnant

Future mom

Depending on how much weight you gain, new unpleasant moments will be awaiting you. This could be headaches, cramps on legs, pains in the back and in the pelvis area. Baby’s kicks get sharper and give more pain under your ribs. This pain can be relieved by laying on the side.
Others now can feel the baby’s movements by putting their palms on your stomach. The new task for you would be to choose a convenient position to sleep on. The best position is sleeping on the side with pillows. Get a small or a large pillow, whichever is more convenient, put them between your legs, behind your back, and sleep on the left side. The only thing that is inconvenient in this position is that there would not be any more room for the second person.

Your baby

The baby starts to slightly open his eyes this week. By this time they have almost completely generated, all layers of the pupil are precisely same way that they will be at birth. If the child has blue eyes then they are blue already. It is fair for people of all races despite the fact, that final eye colors are established only several months after birth.
The child still looks weak and skinny but it will all soon change, as the main fat deposition will take place at later stages of pregnancy. By the time of birth, he will considerably increase weight, fattens and obtains that bulkiness that is typical for all newborns. The skin still remains red and wrinkled, but it will become smoother and brighter as more hypodermic fat gets deposited under the skin. The baby already has a full set of eyelashes, eyebrows and nails which are still rather small and will continue to grow.
The veins are visible through the baby’s skin. Your child can hear you and everything that occurs around of you. Although we assume that the uterus is a quiet place, but the child nevertheless is surrounded by noise during long time inside of you. It is your heartbeats, stomach noises during digestion and many other things, which are not heard by us, but the kid perfectly hears. You can even understand what your child hears; he kicks more strongly or jerks suddenly when hears a sudden loud noise. Therefore, the thought that the uterus is a quiet and dark place is inaccurate.

Baby length and weight

Length from crown to sacrum - approximately 13 inches.
Weight - around 1.7 lbs.
Pregnancy Calendar
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